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Born and raised in the Bay Area, Raquel is knowledgeable about the beauty and charm that the Bay Area has to offer, as well as the unique and competitive market that goes along with it. With immigrant grandparents who established family roots here, Raquel’s has a rich cultural history and appreciation for Northern California real estate. Raquel is bilingual in both English and Spanish and is excited to work with a multitude of clients. 

After purchasing her first home on the peninsula, Raquel became passionate about serving others on their real estate journey. Experiencing firsthand the intricacies of home buying, Raquel hopes to ease the process for anyone looking to buy or sell. As a former teacher, Raquel prides herself on her attention to detail, ability to manage logistics in a timely manner, and being solution oriented for any challenge that may arise. Raquel is passionate about educating others as well as continuously expanding her own expertise. Raquel thrives on forming authentic relationships and using these connections to understand and support clients with any and all real estate needs.

Raquel is an alum of Notre Dame High School Belmont where she holds records in the 200 and 400 meter track events. Additionally, Raquel holds a BA from Santa Clara University and an MS from Northwestern University. She has carried on her competitive nature throughout her career and promises to bring her ambition to help her clients each and every day.

In her spare time, Raquel enjoys playing soccer, taking dance classes, and hiking with her dog Finn. Raquel loves trying new restaurants in San Francisco and is always happy to give you a recommendation for great food!

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